The Velodrome Family

The project embodies a movement in a closed form. Common to the family is wood and how it moves around its own axis. 

TraditionThe folk craft of making shaker boxes is found in both Nordic and Japanese culture. The material treatment of the wood and the feeling of moving and looking at these works of art are the starting point for the project.

InnovationSeveral years ago I bought a shaker box on a flea market. It was an impulsive decision. I felt immediately “It is beautiful and interesting, I want to learn more about it”. I have subsequently acquired knowledge and studied technology, materials and form in different types shaker boxes. This knowledge has since been processed and from it the Velodrome Family has been created.

FunctionIn my family we sit a lot on the floor and it´s often missing both table and storage. Velodrome Table is a low table for low seating. The table top can be lifted and inside the table has space for magazines or lego. The Velodrome Stool consists of the same base and has a padded seat. The stool also has storage inside. The fabric is easy to remove and wash or change to another.

ProcessThe most important design tool is the hand-drawn expression and the work of the hands with models, sketches and full-scale designs. It is only when an object is in three-dimensional and 1: 1 scale that it is possible to judge whether it is the correct proportions and material handling.

Photo by Nikolaj Jakobsen

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